Are there any costs associated with body donation?

There are no costs for body donation. As the term implies, it is a donation on your part. We will accept the body from any funeral home, however, there may be nominal costs from the funeral home for transportation or paperwork such as death certificates which must be filed by law. If body donation is arranged in advance or the family calls us immediately following a death, we can attempt finding a funeral home that will waive the transportation charges.

If desired, the family can still have a gathering, memorial, vigil, or any kind of tribute that a traditional funeral service would offer; body donation does not preclude these. Although having them at home or place of worship can be without cost, body donation does not include them, or any other ritualistic costs. 

In this respect, the absence of any disposition costs allows many freedoms that traditional burial or cremation does not. The memorial options that are open to you are as varied as the families that choose body donation.


If you would like to donate your body, the body of your next of kin, or someone else...

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